Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Up in the Sky...A Poem for Daddy

Up in the sky
There is birds
Up in the sky
There is planes
Down on the ground
There is grass
Down on the ground
There is bugs
And bees

and ME!

Written for Daddy, 5/17/2011

Copyright 2011 H. Emmick

My children never cease to amaze me. When my oldest was just four she wrote a fantastically intricate story about a sick mouse. Just yesterday we rescued a butterfly from almost certain death by bringing it into my kitchen overnight.

Every day is such a wonderful journey, filled with challenges and delights. This poem is a pebble in the road. A beautiful shiny pebble reflecting what God has placed into the heart of my child. Thank you God for letting me be the one they call, "Mommy."

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