Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It is a sad day for Moms in Georgia...

The town of Forest Park, GA has taken it upon themselves to legislate where, when and for how long Moms can breastfeed. Under the guise of a public nudity law, John Parker, the City manager, has proposed legislation that would limit public breastfeeding in the city to any child that was two years of age and younger. This is an infringement of our rights as citizens and an outrage to say the least. Breastfeeding is not nudity. Please contact John Parker and ask him to rewrite the legislation to remove any language that referrers to breastfeeding.

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City of Forest Park

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Mr. Parker,

It has come to my attention that the town of Forest Park, in an effort to control public nudity, has legislated breastfeeding. This letter is in response to this legislation.

It is not in the best interest of y
our town to sexualize breastfeeding in this manner. Breastfeeding is merely the most appropriate way to feed a child. To legislate the act of breastfeeding gives the local government jurisdiction over the lives of residents and visitors in a way that they should never have, and gives a stigma to the practice as something it is not.

A breastfeeding relationship should be between mothers and their children. It is an extremely personal, intimate relationship, one that you as a man may not fully understand. I as a breastfeeding mom here in the US, and a visitor of GA several times, ask you to remove the breastfeeding language from the legislation.



  1. I wonder how this legislation compares to state and federal laws? If it is in conflict with either, he can not legally pass it.

  2. Jen, the GA state law was not silent on the issue. I think that is the main reason the law was changed. Here is the update: