Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Madness - Udder Covers and Lactophobia

Instead of the Friday Funny that most sites have, I figured we could use a little humor on Monday to start the week off right. A pro-breastfeeding friend of mine posted this on my Facebook page recently:

cow covers while breastfeeding
 Found on this site, it highlights the need for us moms to resist covering up due to other's shaming us. After all, we are simply feeding our children the best possible food in the most natural of circumstances. Why should we be ashamed of that? This, coupled with the fact that most babies resist being covered in a hot sweaty blanket while they eat, means that not only should we be daring for society's sake, we should also be daring for our child's sake as well.

In many parts of the US, women find it nearly impossible to nurse in public (NIP) without awkward glances or even rude comments. If you are ever asked to stop, speak up. The law is on your side. If you need to call in reinforcements, Human Milk 4 Human Babies is a great place to start. The global community helps organize nurse-ins and can direct you to a licensed lactation consultant in your area to help with breastfeeding issues. They are truly passionate about changing the tide of misinformation.

Moms, until the day when babes can eat without criticism, keep on smiling at those ignorant glances. Our kids are worth it!

For more information, check out this awesome article on lactophobia by Ilithyia Inspired.

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