Monday, February 11, 2013

BabyBjorn Potty Seat...A Mom's Review

After going through the potty learning process with 4 kiddos, I've got a handle on it. Wipe, Flush, Wash is easy to say, tough to get down pat. This is my 3rd potty seat. My first was a gift, handmade from wood with a slide in insert that was a huge pain to remove without smearing you know what everywhere. It was pretty, but not practical. The second was a cute little Fisherprice one with a fancy electric sound of flushing when you pressed the "silver" handle. The silver quickly wore off and all the cracks and crevices were impossible to clean.

When bubs #4 was ready, I was looking for a new seat. One that was portable, easy to use, and most importantly, easy to clean. With all those small parts and tight corners, some pottys really lose their shine after a while, both figuratively and literally. After some research, I decided to purchase this one. I can honestly say that it is the only potty I love. :) Simple, portable design, bright, fun colors, and a comfortable, easy-to-clean seat certainly do make this the best potty EVER! The BabyBjorn is easy to clean, and it's contoured seat is the most comfortable I've seen. (Honestly, getting a potty learner to sit on something with a hole in the bottom is hard enough, why make the seat uncomfortable?) The side handles help them to "aim" their behind better, and the insert easily lifts out for dumping and detailed cleaning, and their are no corners, anywhere, for dirt to hide in. It's made of extremely durable plastic AND has a non-skid base on the bottom so it doesn't slip when your kiddo sits down.

One word of caution: Although it is difficult for the insert to be placed incorrectly in the base, it is possible. When this happens your little one's bum may get pinched. This has only happened once in our 2 years of using this potty. Generally it falls into place easily.

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