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Many of today's parents are horrified when they hear stories of mothers taking their children to "pox parties" which are designed to expose their children to chicken pox and gain immunity naturally. Many people are up in arms slinging around words like "child abuse" and "irresponsible." As a child in the 70s, I remember most mothers doing just that when one of the kids got sick with the chicken pox. No one threatened to take their children away. it was just accepted as a way to get the disease over with.

The vaccines for these childhood diseases seemed like such a good idea, especially in the late 80s when moms started to get back in the workforce. It was no longer feasible to keep a kid home with a parent if it meant missing a week of work. Now that no one was home we needed a better way to "deal with the problem" and modern medicine delivered.

Smoke and Mirrors

But what they delivered was not exactly what we bargained for. As the list of convenience vaccines increased, the schedule became overwhelming. Was it really OK to give a child 5 shots at two months of age? To answer this question, big pharma started combining the vaccines. They also increased the amount of chemicals in them so that the body could race to get rid of the chemicals, thus finding the tiny amount of expensive pathogen. This made them cheaper to manufacture, and people got less sticks. Problem solved, Right?

Well, not so much. Chicken pox and MMR both, depending on the manufacturer, have human components, which are injected into your child's body with the pathogen. They also contain preservatives and adjuvants, like aluminum, which is toxic to the brain. It was discovered by the AAP to cause developmental delay in premature infants who were given 500 microrgrams over a 10 day period. The Pediarix brand vaccine contains 800 micrograms in one dose.

An adjuvant is something that stimulates the immune system to say, "hey, get this crap the heck out of here before it gets to the brain!" These adjuvants hyper-stimulate the immune system so that it finds the pathogen. The human components are thought to be inert particles used as a growing medium for the pathogens. Those shouldn't be an issue, right?

Putting It All Together

Wrong again. When I was writing for, I came across some information about the nicotine vaccine. This vaccine was comprised of a pathogen and nicotine,The vaccine was extremely successful in the first three stages of trials. When injected, the test subjects created antibodies for the nicotine molecule,  When the antibody attached to the nicotine molecule it was too large to pass the blood brain barrier. Consequently, when they smoked they had no "ahhh" feeling anymore and and as a result many stopped smoking.

Reading this literature shocked me. Aside from my questions about what would happen if these people who had been injected with the vaccine would become allergic to the foods that contain nicotine, such as eggplant, peppers and tomatoes, I had other concerns. I was bringing it to my situation where my kiddos were getting injected with egg components and human tissues. To me, it was not a far stretch to assume that my child's body would create antibodies for these egg and human components as well as the pathogens.

We are seeing a dramatic rise in Autism, and if you've read anything about PANDAS you know that antibodies can attack brain tissue, so the question if these things cause autisim is still very much up in the air, at least in my opinion. We are also seeing a dramatic rise in other autoimmune diseases such as alopecia areata, lupus, and MS.

What Time Is It?

The complications of the diseases of Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and Chicken Pox are indeed rare. Almost everyone in the 50s and 60s got these diseases and nearly all lived through them. According to the CDC, those most likely to experience those complications are those with compromised immune systems. So why aren't we just vaccinating these groups instead of the whole population?

To me we are doing way more harm than good trying to vaccinate the entire population in effort to eliminate the disease. If we've learned anything from the flu virus it is that viruses mutate. To chase them away by trying to vaccinate for everything is like trying to keep a colander from leaking. If convenience is the main reason we get these shots for our kids, are we counting how many total hours spent on behavioral therapy?

So to get rid of these troublesome, work interrupting, childhood illnesses, we went a step beyond "dangerous" illnesses, like diphtheria, and started vaxing for everything, including diarrhea. It just doesn't make sense to vax for a fairly mild childhood illness when doing so could cause lifelong debilitation. Besides the possible neurological effects, the varicella vaccine is a risk factor for shingles later in life, which is why moms are deciding against the vaccine, and choosing to get their child's immunity naturally.

It's Party Time!

I'm not sure I'll ever have my children attend a pox party, but knowing what I know now about how immunizations work, I am not going to inject my children with human components. To me that is just setting them up for an auto-immune disease later. If my unvaxed child gets to the age where it becomes evident that she hasn't gained immunity, I'll get her titered for varicella and decide what to do then.

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