Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Planned Parenthood is "Doctored?"

Planned Parenthood is the leading abortion provider in America. If you are a mom, that may bring relief or tears, depending on the age of your children and which side of the abortion coin you fall.

In a recent release from Live Action, the "health care provider" was exposed by an undercover investigative team, not unlike what you would find a news organization doing, posing as a pimp and a prostitute. The team attempted to show workers of the clinic aiding in the trafficking of minor children in a series of videos of Planned Parenthood in several states across the country.

When the videos were released by Live Action in late 2010 and early this year, Planned Parenthood was not happy, especially since congress started voting on legislation to defund the organization. In what was a feeble attempt to discredit Live Action, Stuart Schear, Vice President of Communications for Planned Parenthood, "These tapes are clearly doctored and cannot be trusted."

What Planned Parenthood calls doctoring is really editing, something any media does for runtime and content. Unfortunately for PP, the full, unedited versions are also openly available on Youtube. In the same letter on the PP website, Schear sites several articles supporting his company's position, although one of them clearly does not. This situation is starting to look like a desperate battalion scattering for ammo while the enemy hurls bigger and bigger bombs.

As a mom, the deception of Planned Parenthood scares me. What if my daughter was too embarrassed to come to me about her boyfriend, who was say 28 and she was 15, and walked into a Planned Parenthood clinic. I would want the clinic workers to abide by the law and report the sexual abuse. If these videos are any indication, they would instead encourage her to get contraception and send her on her way, without even a phone call to her mom.

I myself walked into a Planned Parenthood clinic about 20 years ago at the urging of a rather "active" friend. They were insistant that I get the "free" hormone laden birth control they were passing out like candy. When I refused, they were shocked and tried again. Again I refused, but as I watched three other young girls walk out with their licence to be used, I wondered if I was missing something.

In their effort to make their place a safe place to go, they have encouraged, not the empowerment of women, but their entrapment. It's created a culture of younger girls loosing their true passion for a imitation, and a horrid one at that. Young girls are in need of support, love and true affection, not birth control, sex and abortion. The latter only prove to drive them further from the first.

"Do not arouse or awaken love until it so desires.” Song of Solomon 2:7

I wrote this in a poem I recently blogged on just4mepoetry my poetry blog. When I was looking for a referecence for this, I came across a blog about sexual frustration that highlights some very interesting points about why Planned Parenthood is doing no favors to our young people. It also explains some of the practical reasons and statistics why it's not such a good idea allow adults to sexually exploit children. You can read Inhizimage's blog Here.

Does this have anything to do with breastfeeding? You bet! Damaged uterine walls from past abortions are known to cause placental tears when delivering. We know that retained placental fragments are one reason that woman are challened by breastfeeding! There I did it.


  1. uterine walls are more likely to be damaged in illegal abortions, than in safe abortions in a medical environment.
    this post is just self righteous bull.

  2. Thanks for commenting. Damage can be done in either. How about loving our young women enough so they don't give themselves to someone they are not married to? Then there would be no need for an abortion at all.

    As a promiscuous teen, and an unwanted child, what I needed right then was counseling, not birth control. I needed to know my self-worth and what affection and intimacy actually were. Planned Parenthood was not interested in teaching me any of that because it did not line their pockets.