Saturday, February 25, 2012

Abortion - Are We Really Ready to Fight?

While the debate over abortion looms over this election, I stop to consider the effects of modern society on a woman's right to choose, and the responsibility that is to be born by the church.

I stopped into a local convenience store to order some takeout for my family of 6. We were running around and there was some hungry monsters in the back ready to devour seat cushions if I didn't. Plus, hubby was sorely in need of his java...and I do mean sorely.

As I watched the two men behind the counter make our order, a glimpse of a pregnant woman caught the corner of my eye. She was walking in to start her shift, and by the looks of it she didn't get much sleep the night before. She looked as if she could be due any day. This meant battling the swelling while standing on her feet for the next 4 hours at least. I was moved with compassion for her, having had been pregnant with 5 myself. I handed some cash to the guy that gave me my order, pointed to the girl and said, "make sure she gets this." It was a small token, but

We Christians can be extremely self serving, indulging in expensive cars, makeup, big houses and designer clothes. This while we bark the pro-life message to women who, because of societal pressures, feel they have no other choice but to end their child's life. "You played, you paid," rings the condemnation from the megaphone labeled "Christian."

While this mother may have never had this in mind, many in her situation do. Young women in low paying jobs, or those on their way to getting a education with little or no income can find themselves in a situation where they are overwhelmed. Hormones that rage during pregnancy do not help the situation, they can leave the woman feeling helpless and insecure, depressed and alone. Add to that pressure from family, and a woman may feel like abortion is the perfect answer.

Where are the pro-life proponents when she gets to this point? Where is the church? Are we too busy lulled to sleep by popular culture to notice? We can no longer be pro-life patrons without supporting the widows and orphans. A mother who is not wed may be indeed the most bitter widow, since her husband was not taken from her, but left her at his own choosing. The babe she carries will experience rejection, even if the father does not reject him or her. This will be from rejecting the part of the child that is the mother. This deep rejection is debilitating. Rejection from a boss, a spouse, a friend cannot even come close.

This help cannot come from the government. It must come from us... the church. We buy into the world's view and build big playgrounds for ourselves, but we don't feed His lambs. How far are you willing to go to see an end to abortion? Are you willing to adopt an unwed teen mother rejected by her family? Are you willing to give of your time teaching a new mom how to change diapers? Are you willing to give of yourself by being there any time of day and night supporting moms through those first difficult weeks of breastfeeding? Are you willing to give up your jewelry, makeup, hairstyling products, designer clothes and new furniture to give a pregnant girl a highchair, bassinet and car seat?

Let us start now to serve those some would condemn, especially since there is no condemnation if we claim the word "Christian" because there is no condemnation in Christ.