Monday, September 10, 2012

Nestle BIG GMO Flub!

Recently a Nestle CEO said that Us and Canadian customers were demanding GMOs in their products. Someone on CARE2 took it upon themselves to have a petition signed to make the government label GMOs on our packaging, but I wanted to take a different approach. So I decided to contact the company.

Searching the Nestle site I obediently clicked the "Contact Us" page which is where all good little consumers go to tell companies how they feel. I submitted all my information and pressed "submit" and got this message:

"Sorry this service is temporarily disabled.
Please try later and in the meanwhile, enjoy visiting this website."

Very Nice of you Nestle.

So instead of taking that lying down, I did a little research (cause that's how I roll :) and found out that Dr. Werner J. Bauer is the head of R&D and Nestle :


He is also on the board of Bertelsmann Stiftung:


So instead of contacting him through Nestle, I contacted him here:

I put "Dr. Werner J. Bauer - R&D Proposal.." in the subject line and said:

As a US consumer, I will no longer buy any product that has the Nestle label because of your stance on exporting GMOs to our country. I will research what other brands you own and boycott them as well. Step up and label foods that contain GMOs, or make all your products GMO free for all of your markets.

If you care about GMO labeling, or you care about the health of the future generation, contact Dr. Bauer and educate him on what US consumers want. It certainly ISN'T GMOS!

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