Saturday, July 16, 2011

Pepsi, Nestle and Kraft Foods Team up with Fetal Tissue Research

In several posts thought the Internet, Pepsi, Kraft and Nestle have joined forces with Senomyx, an artificial flavor manufacturer who reportedly uses fetal tissue in their research.

As a pro-life mama, I look for ways to encourage people to keep their babies. This includes helping to make fetal tissue research un-lucrative to the abortion industry. This way they will have less money to advertise and support their services.

Look a the products that come under these manufacturer's lines and seriously consider boycotting them.

Here are the links to their product lists:


This includes Pepsi, Serra Mist, SoBe Lifewater, Lipton, Tazo, Mountain Dew, Ocean Spray, MUG Rootbeer, AMP Energy, No Fear, Seattle's Best, Auquafina, Frappachino, DoubleShot Energy and Propel products.


This includes Nestle, Carnation, Clasico, Chunky, Digorno, Drumstick, Hot Pockets, HaagenDas, Edy's, Lean Cuisine, Toll House, Stouffers, Butterfinger, Coffe-mate, several other candy brands and many other brands.

Kraft Foods:

There are hundreds of brands on this list, including A1 Steak Sauce, Baker's Chocolate, Chips Ahoy!, Cool Whip, Countrytime, Crystal Light, Fig Newton, Jell-O, Naked drinks, Nilla (Wafers), Planters and Teddy Grahams among many others.

No matter what you stance on abortion is, you may not want to use products made with ingriedents that contain artifical chemicals and that are derived from the use of fetal tissue. I know I don't want to feed that stuff to my kids. Thanks to my readers for allowing me to introduce this information to you.