Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Where the Heck Do You Get...

So you are using Medela such in such pump and the thingamajig breaks. What do you do?

Well, Medela wants you to contact a certified retail supplier and buy the parts from them at retail prices, which are, shall we say, retail. It is so pre-recession to pay full retail for anything, what with Craigslist making more out of each paycheck than we ever thought possible. But do you really want used breastfeeding parts from gosh knows who meeting you in the middle of highway 51? Umm... no.

Where do I get my stuff? Amazon. I got my Medela SNS there for less than what the hospital could get it for by about $10. I also bought Lansinoh Breastmilk storage bags for less than Walmart's price, and I had them delivered right to my donor's door. Pretty darn convenient if you ask me.

This is why That's What Breasts are For... has a convenient link to Amazon's Breastfeeding stuff on sale today under the "Deal of the Day" page. You may just see what you need to replace that broken thingamajig. If not, click on any of the items and you will be whisked away to the land of Amazon breastfeeding discounts.

Now pardon me as I order dinner. :)